CYBER-TECH Robotic characters add great impact for all types of events for the Corporate entertainments industry. Listed below are some of the different types of functions CYBER-TECH ROBOTS are suitable for: -

Store Promotions * Shopping Malls * Product Launches * Corporate Exhibition Stands * Trade Shows * Car Launches * Dinner Parties * Private Parties * Weddings and Balls * Team Building Days * Carnivals * Fêtes * Street and Town Entertainment * Nightclubs

Plus many other types of functions and events.

After the success of Cybernetic characters The Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation, CYBER-TECH created Borg-Stiff.

Borg-Stiff is based on the menacing yet iconic Star Trek Cyborgs. CYBER-TECH created this impressive character with all enclosed servo sounders;

synchronising with the robotic movements whist the character is in motion. The character also has many light effects around both the facial area and on the main body armour – an eerie likeness to our cybernetic friends from Star Trek, although Borg-Stiff is indeed unique with no royalties to pay. He is the product of CYBER-TECH imagination, and there are no other Borg characters which look or sound anything akin to Borg-Stiff.

Borg Stiff is a complimentary character, and walkabouts can be included in a meet and greet package with Primo The Robot - and yes indeed!...Batteries are also included! (without assimilation)