CYBER-TECH History and Inspiration:

Welcome to the CYBER-TECH website of robotic meet and greet characters suitable for all types of functions and events.

CYBER-TECH founder and creator Rob Clapperton started in the late 80's performing basic robotic and moving dummy characters. Into the 1990's characters and costumes developed with special effect sound and lighting displays to compliment the robotic movements on the main characters, with the addition of live synthesised speech to enhance product and promotional events.

All characters, costumes and effects are unique having been uniquely created by Rob.

All characters on this website are robotic, uniquely capturing mechanical movements and in doing so transforming each of the characters into robotic life. It is a great pleasure hearing fascinated people saying IS THAT A REAL ROBOT? It very much makes one feel they have done a great job in creating all of these realistic robotic characters when so many people stop to request to have a selfie. We are now living in an age where technology is ever changing, ever demanding and widely acceptable to all. Robotic characters have been around for many years and there will always be a future for robots - especially when you can put your soul into the character make it act as a real robot

With the exciting technological advances now available, the robots created by CYBER-TECH have become that step closer to being ever more believable as real machines.