Primo The Robot

CYBER-TECH Robotic characters add great impact for all types of events for the Corporate entertainments industry. Listed below are some of the different types of functions CYBER-TECH ROBOTS are suitable for: -

Store Promotions * Shopping Malls * Product Launches * Corporate Exhibition Stands * Trade Shows * Car Launches * Dinner Parties * Private Parties * Weddings and Balls * Team Building Days * Carnivals * Fêtes * Street and Town Entertainment * Nightclubs

Plus many other types of functions and events.

Primo is the stunning 6' 3'' tall walking, talking robot well adapted to meeting and greeting humans of all ages. With his clear synthesised voice, he is capable of singing (badly) and telling daft jokes to the kids - even to grown-ups on the odd occasion. Primo has servo sound effects synchronised with his robotic movements, and can readily stop a crowd of people with his lovely robotic charm and witty humour. In the past, you humans have been known to have rather bad habits, such as stopping Primo in order to have a selfie, since he is such a popular robotic character wherever seen in the world.

Primo is capable of highlighting promotions for products and advertising with his loud clear voice and towering 1.9 metre stature. Whatever the function or event, Primo is the perfect interactive vocal and visual presence to captivate you humans. He has travelled throughout the UK and abroad on many successful bookings and often returns to familiar clients again and again. Primo likes to meet and greet humans for 3 full 45 minute sessions per day - with oil and maintenance checks in between. Evening sessions are variable and Primo is also available as a character package with the formidable Borg Stiff.

Primo The Robot has worked on promoting for the Corporate Entertainments Industry and also appeared at many private functions.

He has appeared on BBC 3 TV Programme 'Don't Tell The Bride' (S5, Ep. 10) and has also appeared in the energetic music video for 'Knights Of Cydonia' by popular rock group, Muse – a well received #10 U.K Single.