Robotic Waiter

CYBER-TECH Robotic characters add great impact for all types of events for the Corporate entertainments industry. Listed below are some of the different types of functions CYBER-TECH ROBOTS are suitable for: -

Store Promotions * Shopping Malls * Product Launches * Corporate Exhibition Stands * Trade Shows * Car Launches * Dinner Parties * Private Parties * Weddings and Balls * Team Building Days * Carnivals * Fêtes * Street and Town Entertainment * Nightclubs

Plus many other types of functions and events.

The Robotic Waiter is a unique and fascinating Character capable of handing over drinks to arriving guests.

This character has a smart 80's style robotic image with with servo motorised sound effects synchronised with each robotic movement.

Time for a top up? No Problem! The Robotic Waiter can ease around with bottle in hand to top up those glasses. Time for some canapés! The Robotic Waiter can handle those trays too and then when it's time, can also help to usher guests through for table dining. After a short maintenance break, The Robotic Waiter can return like a well oiled machine to assist with drinks and selfie pictures around tables or getting everyone on to the dance floor.

The Robotic Waiter also has a vast experience aiding field marketing groups with the distribution of small trayed samples to passing shoppers and customers. This idea also works well with cookery road-shows and demonstrations to draw in crowds of people for sample tasting.

The Robotic Waiter can accomplish this task whilst handing out drinks or small consumables; or alternatively distributing free give-aways at exhibition stands and trade shows.