Servo Dummies

CYBER-TECH Robotic characters add great impact for all types of events for the Corporate entertainments industry. Listed below are some of the different types of functions CYBER-TECH ROBOTS are suitable for: -

Store Promotions * Shopping Malls * Product Launches * Corporate Exhibition Stands * Trade Shows * Car Launches * Dinner Parties * Private Parties * Weddings and Balls * Team Building Days * Carnivals * Fêtes * Street and Town Entertainment * Nightclubs

Plus many other types of functions and events.

Servo Dummies were created by Rob Clapperton in 1996 after making a small sound effect module which sounded just like real servo motors working. Whilst synchronising robotic movement with the servo sound, a new unique character was created.

The servo sound device is small enough to hide easily and loud enough to capture the attention of anyone nearby.

The characters can act like shop window display dummies and move an arm up and down robotically slow.

Put a flyer or light advertisement in the hand and see it go up and down repeatedly drawing mystified people closer thinking it must be a motorised dummy. As the mystified onlookers draw closer, maybe they will try pinching the dummy to see if it's a real person or if it is in fact a real motorised dummy? Don't get too close!  The dummy may step off it's plinth and come forward to seek some attention!